Charlotte is snooping around an old building and she’s looking for things that she can steal. She’s been in this place before as the door is left unlocked during the day. She’s back again and gets caught by Jennifer, an employee of the building. Jennifer takes a roll of tape and begins binding Charlotte’s wrists behind her back. Once that’s done Jennifer removes her own pantyhose and cleave gags Charlotte with them. Charlotte is putting up a fight and still trying to talk when Jennifer takes the roll of tape and begins to wind it around Charlotte’s head to further silence her. She pulls her shirt up and starts winding more tape around her upper body. Then she binds her legs together. Jennifer has a thing for girls with big tits and seizes the opportunity to squeeze Charlotte’s natural 34DD’s. She handgags her and toys with her. Charlotte is left alone finally and she struggles up a storm. She kicks her heels off, her boobs bounce around. You get to see her pantyhose which is above the waist of her tight jeans. Some of the video is a little dark as there was not a lot of light in the room we were shooting in. Plenty of girl/girl action, gag talk and struggling!